Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello there

Old age used to kick in after a person turned 60 in ancient times, not anymore!

The first time I heard it from my college friend "Our days are over now. We live our life for our child now. We want him to enjoy his life to the fullest and not sacrifice his happiness the way did!!". It felt like sitting in a Sr. citizens club or a Nana Nani park. 

Next came from my school friend "Oh we have already crossed 30. I can already feel the age firming its fingers around me. It only few years to turn 40 and we will be 60 before we blink. What is left in life for us. The only focus of our life to watch our little one grow up."

Next came from our general physician when she asked my husband whether he has any of heart trouble, blood sugar, cholesterol, Blood pressure problem or any other vital organ probelm and she was shocked to hear a 'No' for each one of them. We felt as if we should start looking for old age homes.

We are thirty something Indian couple and observing that people already think crossing thirty means there is nothing left in life but to pay off that housing loan, car loan, bills, aim for a bigger house, aim for a bigger car and watch kids grow up. People think that thirty something is our best days are behind us. We are here to prove them all wrong. 

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